Thursday, April 29, 2010

9th week in bmt

So finally I spend 9 weeks in Bmt. I still remember the day when my family and friends accompany me to Puala Tekong which is also name as the happy island. Well, not exactly a happy island.

Spending confinement weeks and getting culture shock which almost everyone experience. It could be positive or negative feeling. No doubt for me was an exciting one. Getting into healthy habit or sleeping and waking up and healthy diet was one thing I really like it.

The training was quite alright but the weather is unbearable at times in the noon. It`s kinda disappointing whenever you are feeling high but your body is giving your problems. One of the things that alway motivate you is your buddy and army friends by your side.

The discipline there is strict and somehow it seen my company have a culture of confining people. I have 2 and I just have to suck thumb and forget it. I couldnt feel any better ever since I got 2 confinement within the same week.

Despite the punishment, I cannot think negative although I am now because I still got another 9 weeks to go. I take everything as an experience in way of life. It`s like preparing us mentally and physically. It`s tough and exciting in bmt but I wonder will I really get to endure till pop. =O

No pain no gain

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