Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going in Puala Tekong as an recuit wasnt fun and in fact it is more tough I can imagine. Every single day pass with determination and the love to strive for myself. The training and making friends with fellow bunk mates as well as company mates happen through training etc; running together under the hot sun at the Red Track encouraging each other.

Brain cell drying up along with the days in the camp. Things forgotten and so are some people. Everyday was a tough one. I alway tell myself to think positive at all time even my physical is struggling. Falling sick and leg injury was part of the experience during training.

What I like about tekong is the sound of nature and the sea view. The cloud is just fantastic, you can look afar without any tall building blocking it. Weird and interesting shape that float pass my head. Changing color from pink to orange during the morning and evening. The best thing not to miss indeed.

Ever since last year, few questions hide under the shadow of my past. It wasnt easy to solve the problems, in fact it couldnt be solve. Few days ago, in the early morning watching the blossom of the tree. I told myself.

" Somewhere only we know'

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