Monday, July 5, 2010

I finally POP!

The memories of this 19 weeks BMT at tekong is an unforgettable one. The pain and joy in the training with others let me become stronger than I am. I proud that I had finish the bmt and now I`m looking forward for the posting.

Life is an uncontrolled event but we learn how to handle it!

Tick tick the seconds pass as I lied on the ground in the bunk, it was around 2pm and everyone was in high spirit. Excited but my eyes are closing off after the area cleaning. It wasnt long before droplets of rain hit high on the ground. It got to be wet program I guess. As the time pass, everyone went to visit each other bunk to congratulate the person whom they respect and admire. Words are being express out by hug and shaking hand with a big simile. It was indeed a happy day for Bronco warrior on 2nd july.

Before long, my watch show me 4pm and the commanders call out to everyone to pack up and get ready to proceed to the parade square where many parents are excited to see their own son who finish their bmt. I hold on to my wife for one last in tekong and saying; Farewell my wife, I`m going to find a real one out there! Let just hope you will get one responsible husband after my care.

Sgt Edwin lead platoon 1 through blocks by blocks under the shelter straight toward the parade square. We pass by eagle and other companies. This place had carve itself deep in my memories and a place where I learnt.

Music can heard from a distance away at the HQ. I know I`m going home, very very soon. recruits falling in files and making full use of the remaining times by joining in conversation to strengthen the bond. Not long later, we are being lead to the back of the audience seat where we perform our BMTC roar and everything end short and sweet.

Mom brought camera which was spoilt on the spot itself but thank to Jason. I managed to have a shot with my parent. We rush our way to the terminal and left tekong. I couldnt take any photos to keep it as part of my memories.

As I left SFT, I look back for one last time wondering will I get to visit again which I hope it wont happen. Good bye BMT LIFE!

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