Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is it worth to break up a relationship

Recently get to hear some break up stories from my friends. Complicated issue which is just too hard for me to describe. Well, break up is common issue no doubt. Couldnt really care that much but I think for those couple who had manage to stay together for like at least one and a half years should seriously think twice before having the mind of break up.

If you are young, you do have the thought of going for someone else better than your current relationship mate. Some people think and execute it. No hard feeling but everyone want a better future for themselves. It can be cruel and cold but we have to experience. Life is an uncontrolled event but we can control the situation by handling it.


Is it worth to break up a relationship when both party are still in good term? There are days when life happen to be its` lowest but how about those happy days?


After each events that happen through our story. We will be better than ever.

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