Thursday, February 25, 2010

The time to serve our Country has come

The Author of this blog will be enlisted on 25th feb at Puala Tekong as part of the National service program.

He will like to thank you all readers who had once supported his blog.

He will try to update once a while although he know that
sharing of photos will be less than ever...

He wish all the best to everyone...

even to those live under the shadow of misery.....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

23th Feb Gathering

Well, this time round. Nobody bring any camera along. It was just a simple and sweet gathering at teckwhye coffeeshop blk145.

I didnt get to contact much with Jian long group thus I know I`m outdated along with their activities. It bring me thrill and excitment when I reach the coffeeshop because I finally get to see my own family members. Sarah , Jason and even Jereld the brother I really love the most to appear in my eye. I never expect to see either both Jason or Jereld. It kinda bring me back to the secondary school day how I will be spending my effort to care for them behind the scene. Sometime when I see them and their achievement really brighten me alot. Alot that I am very proud of them even though everyone is still too young to say out anything but I know I can trust their judgment in life.

Jian long and Winnie is going pretty well at this stage. It will left the test of faith when Jian long go in NS before everyone can see clearly their fate. Since NS alone bring alot of breakup for couple. The chat was more of everyone recent activities and their further planning. Jereld sign on for NIE teaching course under physical education. Si han went oversea Outward bound as part time instructor and his experience of climbing mountain alone for 2 day 1 night surprise everyone and everyone was quite interested about it. Jia cheng brought up the topic of going oversea together at Thailand. Of course I wont be able to go but only get to support the idea of going oversea as part of exposure and fun!.

Jason left early and he didnt talk much. The dinner was last an hour plus near two. The memory of being with them during the secondary school is still fresh and then you realize it`s been 3years plus already. I guess everyone still love the olden day even though we still have to move forward.

If you ask me have I ever been this happy for just a normal gathering? Yes I do, just imagine how much you care for your friends all this years and seeing them stepping into success. There wont be any jealousy nor envy. You will just grin to yourself and tell yourself. Let work hard for our success and help each other along.

Unfortunately this year, there wont be any family reunion dinner. Which mean I wont be able to meet Jereld Girlfriend and Hui ting. I know someday there will alway be a day for to meet up.

Having able to meet much of the people I use to hang out with. I feel contended. If you ask me, is there anyone I would to meet? I would say yes definitely.

There is this girl who change me during the last 3 years. Shame on me that there isnt any communication at all ever since my grad show. I know I did something which betray what I wish for. I wont ask for much and I wont think of it because it just happen. Maybe I wont even get to see her anymore but it will keep motivate me.

If ever happen you get to read this post. Let meet up 8 years later. Haax...

Friday, February 12, 2010

New year 2010 Resolution

Hmmm.....Life in 2009 was seriously FML ( fuck my life ) Although it was much better after mid of the year. Experiencing alot of things and exposure in oversea. the way I`m scratching my head....haha

I expect to do better than before in year 2010. No assurance but something to keep to myself.

- I will be more careful especially working for anyone. Die die black and white!!! Lesson learn after a boss from agency is not paying me and is forcing me to go CASE* next week with 4 other victims.

- If dunno ask* I always keep quiet and then go home check myself. Sometime I just forget what I want to check.

- Spend more time with my family! I know going to National service is going eat away my time between family and friend.

I think overall that what I need to improve....yea!

I was watching Hi sweetheart by Raine Yang. There a sentence that make me wonder. 3yrs or 5 yrs or even 10 yrs I`m still looking for you* Do people at such society still exist? Maybe there are some out there like that. Well, I dunno....looking back at my past. My memory remind me of someone and how a relationship few months ago actually make me feel guilty. I remember clearly that even it take 10 years I`m willing to wait for it to exchange for a lifetime of happiness.

Sometime you just have no idea what have god plan for you tomorrow. It would be a disaster if you have no goal or dream in your life.

2019.....I will be antcipating for that year.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One of the most touching drama before I go NS

This photo I printscreen. The reason is because when the girl refresh about the pass of their relationship and how it progress to it downfall is a fatal blow to her. I think my tears auto flow down like free flow sia...

Yesterday went to check out at due to it star rating. It turn out to be very interesting drama. In chinese, it`s name as xian yi zhan Xin Fu.

The storyline started out a rich family daughter enjoying everything she want till the day her father pass away in a car accident. From there, she struggle like a normal girl doing housechore and getting part time job to support herself.

And a self centered man who love to toy with girl feeling and taking them as part of the bet in the school. Unbeatable until he meet the girl who change his life.

The drama help to send many meaningful message about life. Especially the part that we should not give up ourselves nor the right to inference other people life totally.

Very touching and sad at time but an enjoyable time. Love the kid~~~!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vietnam Trip Day1

Wei jie, Wei cong and me for this Vietnam trip to find some wife!!! =X

It`s good to have a girlfriend to send you off. Well, apparently I`m back to single again.
So we waiting patiently at the waiting lobby! Feel so excited about it!!!

So the plane fly high up in the sky and I grab the chance to snap Singapore from the plane!! Ahhh!! So nice!! =D

So so snap, all of us get to have some rest and.....
Finally, we can get to see vietnam in close view!

This is the hotel we book. Cheap and reasonable..

Sometime I still think, how did they identity the cable is meant for which one. Kinda confusing to me

I think you wont be able to see this in Singapore already. Pretty old fashion* I wonder did I say it in the right term.
So Wei cong bring us to eat sushi!!

Anyone know what does this sign mean?

12am at changi airport and the Air Flight is 8am plus. ~_~||...thx to Wei cong idea. This is my first oversea trip with friend. Personally the memory are still fresh even thought it has been for 3 months already.

Well, I guess let the photo do the talking..this entry is for day1 only! =D